Thursday 29 May 2014

The Happiness Project in Nepal

Dear friends and readers, Namaste and Thank you for taking time to visit my blog.

My little family and I spend a few wonderfully challenging weeks in Nepal. We did not go there just as travellers,we went there to meet the children at the Namaste Childrens Home in Pokhara, Nepal. Through my charity project,'' The Happiness Project' and with the help of my generous friends and customers, we were able to bring them a donation which will help them to make their dream come true of having their own building, where they can make a home. The warm clothes and gifts were received with so much gratitude, I wish I had more to give them. 
 They need a lot of help and after having a wonderful meeting with the founder of the organisation, I decided to give them a percentage of my earnings every year. They are so worth it. The happy faces who greeted me, hugged me , played with my hands,touched my face, sang songs for me and danced for me, made me realise again that this is my calling.  I couldnt stop my happy tears.The joy of giving for me, cannot be compared to any other feeling in this world. But I couldnt have done this without your support. Please accept my sincere gratitude.

One has to try and rise above the boundaries of conditional life, to learn to see that,this what we call our life becomes more meaningful when we share, what we can share, give what we can give to someone in need and I am very thankful for each one of you, who helped me realise that, you supported me, believed in my project and I was able to spread the love through your kind donations and gifts.
I saw sixteen hours of power cuts ( yes, sixteen hours without electricity and water ) somedays can be worse, Imagine having to sleep wearing layers of clothes every night, Imagine studying in dim candle light everyday, Imagine sharing a small space with many many of your brothers and sisters, Imagine the 'HOPE' and help these little ones need.
They dream.. they dream of becoming teachers, doctors, social workers.They dream of becoming artists, software engineers, police officers.They have a dream of having their own home,with electricity and running water always, going to a school where they have more possibilities to make their dreams come true. I am happy that together we could bring smiles on their faces, make them see that even strangers can bring them gifts and support. That is what 'The Happiness Project '' is all about. <3

My heart broke listening to stories of mothers who had to sell their children because of poverty. Some others who had to send their children away to orphanages because of civil war, child marriage, all kinds of abuse. Many who lost their husbands, parents during the brutal civil war.  Those eyes, those faces, one can never forget their cry, their plee for help, even if one tries real hard to escape into our world which mostly only has time and energy for things, than people.It is emotionally haunting. I have a few good years of experience in doing volunteer work in the Indian sub continent, and I have visited the slums in Mumbai many times, heard such stories before, but being a mother opened my heart better, I not only listened to these mothers, I understood their pain better now, maybe because I am a mother too, maybe because I am older now and had known a few different kinds of pain in my life. I have to say again that pain in some form is essential for our human mind. It helps us be more compassionate. It made me realise again that we are all one, we are all searching for the same things in life, we all feel and cry the same tears. Lets try together, to break the barriers that stop us from reaching out to eachother. The barriers that make us feel different from others, only exists in my minds. It is just another illusion that stops us from knowing our true nature, as human beings. Lets try to pratice kindness. <3 Let us value virtues like kindness and gentleness. <3 Let us have a valley of Hope inside our heart.

I am leaving you with one of my favourite quotes, from an inspirational woman, who started a new journey on the 28th of May, 2014.

We are more alike than unalike.- Maya Angelou 

Yours gratefully,

The travelling artist/ Art For Happy People