Saturday 28 December 2013

''The Happiness Project''

Namaste and welcome to my blog about '' The Happiness Project ''.<3 Please make yourself comfortable, shall I make you a cup of chai and serve you warm samosas?

On the 29th of November this year, I decided it was time to bring my dream project to life! Thus '' The Happiness Project'' was born. After doing years of volunteer work from the borders of China to the warm waters of Sri lanka, this project has been a dream ever since I was a young girl.
I have a wonderful husband , an adorable little boy,a fantastic job, lovely home, great holidays, wonderful friends and family who loves me. Why should I wait long to give back ?When I asked myself that question, I knew  it was time, time for me to give back to the world in a more profound way ,something my heart was longing for, to make a little difference by sharing.

I had to follow my heart, I knew that I can do so much more than just enjoying my life and keeping all the goodness to myself and my little family. I want to share the love, share the smiles and make a small difference, <3 Are you with me on this journey?

North, West and South India

What is '' The Happiness Project '' ?
 The Happiness Project is my way of making a small difference. It is a giving back project especially for under privileged children. It is a project to bring a smile to a child's face , to bring a little hope to children who are orphaned or living in the Streets.
All the way to the borders of China.
How does it work?
Every year, I select an Ngo( Non Profit Organisation) and help them raise funds , get one step closer to their goals and dreams, bring gifts or necessary items for the children under their care.
What happens after an Ngo is chosen?
Once an Ngo is selected,I start collecting/ buying toys, colour pencils, books, clothes( preferably first hand items). 25% of the sales I make will be donated to the Ngo, three months a year.
Please keep in mind that whatever you donate will be given and received by a little someone as a gift. We ( my husband and I )will be carefully wrapping all the gifts and '' gifting '' them personally, because they are worth it!
Which Ngo is selected this year?
This year the funds and gifts will be going to the 'Namaste Foundation'' children's home in Pokhara, Nepal.
 How can you make a difference?
* Donate any amount you can part with. You can send me via paypal :
*Please visit : . 25% of the sale will go to the Happiness project.
With all these wonderful happy thoughts and ideas , I made a new painting : Dance of Life
Make everyday a celebration of life,its a chance to be born again so spread as much love as you can- Rakhee
Hope you like it!

Thank you for being here <3 Be kind!
Love & Light,
Rakhee / Art For Happy People


  1. Love, love, love this!! <3 Thank you so much for taking me on this wonderful journey! And of course lots of love and good luck for you and the children! xxx

  2. So proud of you Rakhee ! best wishes and prayers for your kindly efforts.. ! :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words.I am just doing what I can,doing what I should be.Blessings and love for you and family

  3. Thank you my dear Danny for your warm support,donation and love for the project.Friends like you make me want to do better.Love and massive hugs,

  4. Oh Rakhee, you are such an inspiration and a joy to know!! I can't wait to hear more about your journey!!! Praying for blessings on the travels and donations!! Love you dear friend!!

    1. I am just doing what I can , my sweet friend!
      Thank you so much for your blessings and prayers. I surely need it! Lots of love back to you my dear dear, Charlotte!

  5. Proud of you Rakhee, best of luck on the project!